Friday, June 3, 2011

Be Kind

Photo Courtesy of Ann

As this work week comes to a close and the weekend is upon us I'm congratulating myself for being kinder.  I'm not mean, but DC gets to me; the people, the attitudes, and general meanness wear me down and by the end of the week I tend to be, well crabby.  Growing up in a small town I was raised to be polite, hold open doors, say please and thank you, be kind to my elders.  These were "the rules" and everyone obeyed. The 'big city' has no rules of niceness, but just imagine if it did!  Since returning from WV I have been actively trying to slow down and brush off others rudeness.  It's Friday and I can honestly say this has worked.  Although I have to actively remember this rule and try hard on certain days, I'm liking the revamped 'go with the flow' me.  Here's to niceness and remember to be kind this weekend.

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