Monday, January 31, 2011


Last night while watching the Kennedys: Home Movies on TLC I was struck by how dapper JFK looked in his o'so classic Ray Ban Wayfarers.  Gotta love the classics.

Lion Cubs

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Photo property of the Everyday Diary.

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Hope all you ladies had a wonderful weekend.  We ended up at the zoo;   I have been longing to go when there is snow on the ground.  While there we got to see the 6 new lion cubs, they were so adorable.  I could have watched them play for hours.

If I had $1 million dollars...

I would buy this gorgeous bag.  This bag goes against my normal tastes but I love it for so many reasons, if only it weren't $5,300.  Oh well a girl can dream.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Game Night: Scrabble

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Last night we had a game night in our house. Amos made sure to help out when G got stuck. He helped out so much, he feel asleep before the game was over.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Photo courtesy of CakeLove.

Hello again lovelies.  Aren't you glad it's Friday?  It's been a bit of an odd week here with a 2 hour early dismissal from work on Wednesday and working from home yesterday, so I have no problems being at the end of it.  Any good plans for the weekend?  G starts a new job Monday which means he will be working 12 hour days 6 day a week so we hope to make this weekend count.  One thing is for sure is that I will be heading back to CakeLove (which is conveniently located around the corner ;)) and getting another Lime on the Coconut cupcake, talk about delicious.

No More Waity, Katie

Kate Middleton's Nickname Becomes New Nail Polish Shade | Kate Middleton
Photo courtesy Butter.

As if the fever surrounding the royal wedding in a few weeks hasn't gotten crazy enough, Butter London is introducing a shade in honor of the big occassion.  Available in March, No More Waity, Katie looks to be a taupey-tan color.  I like it and have been wanting to try Butter nail polish for awile.  Maybe it's finally time.  Any luck with the brand?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wear the Rainbow

Photos courtesy of Zara.

Maybe it's because of the gloomy weather out my window but this week I have been craving the brightest of bright colors.  As a kid I had pants in every color imaginable, now I can again with the new pants by Zara.  Love the idea of pairing them with a simple top and pointed-toe pumps.

Fun Theory

I'm having a semi-snow today by tele-working from my sofa.  I love the snow, of course when I don't have to trek out in it.  Hope all you lovelies are having a great day.  I hope you enjoy this fun video.

Snow on Roses

Photo courtesy of

A lovely photo to start off your Thursday.  The recent art installations by Will Ryman on Park Ave in NYC.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Must Read!

Photo courtesy of Matchbook Magazine.

Yesterday a new online magazine was introduced, Matchbook magazine. It is a well-rounded and a great all-encompassing read with features about, by, and for some lovely and inspirational ladies.  Check out fun facts about Princess Margaret, an interview with Anna Bond, and a feature on Lela Rose.  Double thumbs up!

Midcentury Cool

I've had this photo sitting on my flash drive since see it was on the Washington Post.  It was the winner of a local design contest and the place is amazing.  So cool, so midcentury, so hope to have something similar in the future.  Here is to dreaming!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Photo courtesy of the Sartorialist.

I am a bit of a rebel today.  I've been sick and tired of pulling on my heavy tights everyday for works (thanks for spoiling me San Diego trip) so today I said enough is enough.  Today we are having a heat wave, go mid-40s! So even though this is in no means time to break out the bikini, I felt I could handle the break and my legs could finally get to see the light of day for a change.

Girl Crush

I'm girl crushing on Bryce Dallas Howard as the new spokeswoman for the upcoming Kate Spade campaigns.  Such a gorgeous,fun, and vivacious girl.  Great pick Kate Spade!

(P.S. Lets not forget that the new batch of clothes look pretty awesome too)

Wear a Coin Around your Neck

Photo courtesy of EmersonMade.

Simple yet pretty are the Gold Coin Necklaces now available from EmersonMade.  I prefer the clover, maybe it will bring me a bit of luck. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Live Colorfully

January's print by Caitlin McGauley.  Photo courtesy of Kate Spade.

For 2011 Kate Spade joined forces with their favorite artists for a print a month.  The best part is that they are available to purchase online.  I can't wait to see each new print every month!

Friday, January 21, 2011

What are you Doing this Weekend?

Hello loves!  It's Friday, how is it that the short work weeks always seem to be the ones that drag on forever?  Do you have any big plans?  I hope known of you are snowed in.  Thankfully DC got spared.  G and I have errands to run on Saturday but I hope to fit in a little shopping, a museum visit, and maybe even a movie. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011