Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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Yesterday I got a phone call from my dog walker that Milo's tail had gotten caught in the metal outside door.  It was ten minutes till I was to leave for work so I rushed out the door and called my vet.  My dog walker took him to the vet and I met them shortly thereafter.  The end result is a heavily bandaged tail, plastic head cone, some medicine, and a toy for being a brave boy.  He was playing pitiful dog all evening, and he looked the part.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Domino.

My dears I must ask, where do you get your inspiration?  Do you take a cue from others or blaze your own path? (or maybe a combo of the two)  When decorating or dressing yourself daily do you look to those around you or thumb through magazines (or the world wide web)?  I have a few projects around the house I hope to complete or "figure out" this month while G is gone.  I find myself bombarded with images daily and feel like casting them all aside and blazing my own path.  What about you?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hidden Message

Photos Belong to the EverDay diary.

G left yesterday for his 40 day trip.  Ever since G and I have been together I've always left him little notes around the house when I leave for business trips; hidden notes in the sugar bowl, dirty laundry, and under his pillow. I couldn't quite do that this time around so instead I left little notes in the book I lent him for the long plane ride.  Lets hope he finds the book as interesting as I did so that he can actually find all the notes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Month Alone

G leaves tomorrow on a work trip for 40 days!  He will be gone for the month of July and not returning until the first week of August.  Thankfully my family is coming to visit in July, plus I have my two best buds.  Hopefully the time will pass quickly.

Celebrating the first day of summer

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Being the first day of summer the boys and I celebrated with a tasty watermelon. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Crossbody Bag

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Over the past few weeks I have come to the revelation that I need a bag that goes across my body, because lets face it, when its 90+ degrees coupled with humidity no one wants to carry a ten pound sack on their right shoulder.  Do you have a crossbody bag that you adore?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day Trip: Frederick

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Over the weekend the three boys and myself headed up to Frederick, Md.  Nover having been I was pleasantly surprised and pleased by the quaint atmosphere with loads of charm, quaint shops, dog-friendly neighboorhoods, and vintage furniture outlets.  We will definately be making more trips, and it's only an hour away.

PS.  G and I were tickled by these hip grandmas coincidentally sitting outside of the tattoo parlor, or perhaps they were just waiting inline.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Destroyed, Part 2

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After countless patch jobs, Milo's bed finally bit the dust yesterday; of course Milo had nothing to do with this, yeah right.

Add this to the neverending list of destoyed items.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Craving Seersucker

Image Courtesy of J.Crew.

Image Courtesy of EmersonMade.

Image Courtesy of Anthropologie.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of J.Crew.

Seersucker appears to be shedding it's old school prep label with hip new life, and styles.  DC, always a huge lover of the pattern, is right in style with the trend for the coming months as the weather get hotter.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Be Kind

Photo Courtesy of Ann

As this work week comes to a close and the weekend is upon us I'm congratulating myself for being kinder.  I'm not mean, but DC gets to me; the people, the attitudes, and general meanness wear me down and by the end of the week I tend to be, well crabby.  Growing up in a small town I was raised to be polite, hold open doors, say please and thank you, be kind to my elders.  These were "the rules" and everyone obeyed. The 'big city' has no rules of niceness, but just imagine if it did!  Since returning from WV I have been actively trying to slow down and brush off others rudeness.  It's Friday and I can honestly say this has worked.  Although I have to actively remember this rule and try hard on certain days, I'm liking the revamped 'go with the flow' me.  Here's to niceness and remember to be kind this weekend.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


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While back home visiting my parents I enjoyed countless hours outside, especially relaxing with the boys.  The main complaint I have with apartment living is the lack of outdoor space, especially outdoor space that belongs to you, to do with what you want.  When G and I were looking to move a year and a half ago one of my criteron was that I wanted a balcony; but besides planting flowers last year it has gone mainly unused.  This week I decided to change all this and created a mini-makeover for our patio, complete with new flowers and chairs.  Since then G and I (and the boys) have spent a small portion of our evening sitting outside together, talking, and enjoying the fresh air.  The patio doesn't compare to having my own yard but it does help.

Doggy Bowl

Photos Belong to the EverDay diary

During our pitstop, traveling back to DC, the boys recieved their very own doggy bowls, complete with a Milkbone on top.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Frozen Goodness

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I think what I might miss the most about college is the frozen custard shop located in said college own.  Luckily this shop makes for the perfect pit stop location on the trips to and from DC (from West Virginia). 

This time I planned ahead and brought back this week's flavor, Cake Batter.  I am declaring this my favorite flavor, its complete with rainbow sprinkle. Sadly the quart will only last so long; I think I need to buy this and experiment with my own similar flavor.


Having successfully made it back to DC I discovered my pantry quite bare.  When dinner rolled around I impovised and made the easiest meal possible.  Enter english muffin pizzas, so simple.

I honestly think I have been making these since I was in kindergarten.