Monday, September 26, 2011

Play Ball

Photos belong to the EverDay diary

Saturday was Pups in the Park at the Washington Nationals game.  Of course Milo and Amos have had tickets for months.  Thankfully it was a cool, crisp fall day, perfect weather for hundreds of dogs to enjoy a game.  Sunday I bought a new bike and G and I took it on a test run to try out a recently opened cafe.  Next weekend is already planned with plenty of bike rides.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


People in the DC region are rude.  No reason to sugar coat it, several studies have even come to the same conclusion.  But luckily for the boys we found the 'sweet spot' where everyone was nice and gave them lots of petting and love; Sunday morning outside of a yoga studio on Patrick Old Town, I guess all that calm and relaxation from class really isn't baloney.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jam Packed Weekend

I can't believe it's Monday already -- the weekend didn't last long enough.  It was truely a great two days but now I long for a weekend to recover from my weekend.  Amos attended the doggie swim day at a local pool and dove right in the second he was off leash, before I knew it we had been then an hour and a half and he was one pooped puppy.  Sunday G, the boys, and I attended the annual Old Town Arts Festival and purchased yet another print to put on our already-full walls.  Add in some jam and homemade bread making and the weekend was a fabulous one indeed.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain Coats

Photos Belong to the EverDay diary

This week call me the 'Crazy Dog Lady' since I've been outfitting my pups to survive the rain.

Don't they look thrilled, you can tell they love their coats. 

Don't worry I don't make them wear the hoods, this fact might be my saving grace for full-on craziness.

Rainy Days

Ugh, the rain.  For the past two days it has been raining when I wake up and raining when I go to bed; and today doesn't seem like it will change.  Days like these are when I wish I could work from home and wear a nice pair of sweats around the house all day.  But since this isn't possible due to work and two little pups who must use the bathroom, these items help to ease my distaste for the rain.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Weekend

Photos Belong to the EverDay diary.

G and I were supposed to go to Boston this Labor Day weekend, but G's work yet again reared it's ugly head and we had to cancel.  Despite the disappointment of staying in DC I tried to make the most of the long weekend, which never seems long enough.  Milo and I tested out my new bike + doggie basket; he hated the bumps but otherwise Milo was a champ for the ride to Del Ray.  G and I took advantage of the Labor Day sales and I finally found my new bag, Tory Burch Robinson Satchel.  And on the quest for the perfect CarrotCake cupcakes I whipped up a batch (I had a perfect recipe years ago but got lost somewhere in the 5ish moves since); unfortunately they were too dry and too floury, the experiment continues.  But at least they look pretty.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Granada Tile

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I often sit with G and design our 'not-yet-existent, far-off-in-the-future first home.'  Thankfully G and I have similar tastes; I can tell you this fictious house is fab.  After seeing a video on Granada Tiles I think they would be a fabulous edition to our imaginary home.