Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend by the Numbers

1.) Growing up my favorite Easter candies were Cadbury eggs.  A few days ago I went to the store looking for the sweet treat, but walked out of the store disappointed that I couldn't find them.  Rather than sulk I decided to make my own using this recipe.  They were delicious although, I realized that my chocolate skills could use some major work.

2.)  Friday we finally got our new sofa.  The boys immediately tested it out; they gave it four paws up.

3.)  To rid ourselves of our old sofa management let us store it in a vacant apartment until G's friend could pick it up.  Big mistake, as we feel in love with this apartment.  This unit is unavailable but we put our names down for the next one that opens up.  And yes we were the creepy people who went back to the empty apartment to take photos and some measurements.

4.) Sunday was a gorgeous day in the 80s.  Not wanting to waste the day G and I packed up the boys, packed some lunch, and headed to the Old Town waterfront for a picnic and siesta in the sun.

5.)  I blame the sun for a case of the munchies Sunday night, to cure my illness I whipped up a classic coffee cake.

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