Thursday, April 21, 2011


1.) Terra Pots via West Elm
2.) Woven Outdoor Couch via Ikea
3.) Classic Watering Can via Ikea
4.) Retro Orange Side Table/Stool via West Elm
5.) Luminaries via Pottery Barn
6.) Stackable Giraffe Planters via Anthropologie

The past few days have been great weather wise, I have no complaints (although don't get me started on the pollen).  The mild weather has me itching to get outside and get the patio ready for the season.  This year I'm hoping to change some things up and make the space comfortable, relaxing, and doggie-friendly.  I hate to admit but right now it looks pretty sad.  Plus the sooner I get things settled, the sooner I can head to the greenhouse and buy some gorgeous flowers to further liven up the space.

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