Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Morning Rush

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Jackman

You know those mornings when you are running late and despite a closet busting at the seams you can find nothing to wear?  That was me this morning, trying my darndest to find something suitable and get out the door before I missed my bus.  Nothing seemed to work out and all I wanted was to look something like this girl, or close to how she looks, or half as good as she looks, or...oh you get it.


  1. I am pretty sure you looked as good as her. Somedays are like that. I hope tomorrow is better.


  2. the transition from winter to spring is such a hard time to find something to wear. i'm still wearing my winter down coat, but by afternoon i hardly need it. maybe that's a good reason to buy a new spring coat, don't you think?