Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home Redo

Photos Courtesy of Dwell.

Throughout my life I've been to Charleston, SC many times thanks to work and my parents.  I'll be honest that as a kid I hated the city but now as I've gotten older I love it and actually miss that I won't be heading back this year.  The streets, architecture, and of course the FOOD.  Plus noone makes fun of my accent, since they all sound worse than I do.

Dwell recently featured a classic Charleston house being fixed up by a young couple.  There is so much work left to be done but so much potential.  Here's to hoping that one day I can have a house full of fireplaces (or at least one!) and a wrap around porch.


  1. After seeing your first picture I was convinced this was your house and you were in the stages of a remodel. Girl, we're sharing the same dream here!!

  2. Much delight, I only wish it was my house!

  3. that would be SUCH a cool house to redue and live in.